2022 NBA Playoff Finals Game 1

Well as expected this series took off like a bang and the most important part of this match-up is all about the coaching that has taught the players the skill they are utilizing and have utilized during the playoffs.


Observing the first half of the game.


Both teams contested their three-point shooting ability with Steph Curry setting the record for 6 three-pointers in the first quarter.


The shooting aspect from both teams was nerve-wracking close to call because of the hit and misses associated with the shots, as well as the inside game by Boston who had taken control of that aspect with some good drives from the Golden State Warriors.


Boston had the size advantage along with the biggs of the game, with Golden State having a few which was no match for the warriors, even though they have throughout the series the speed to make more plays.


The first ball game of the finals had gone back and forth with Golden State taking the early lead and leading for the most of the game until the entertaining fourth quarter, to say the least.


Key players for both teams had stepped up, every player had touched the ball and attempted shots, with assists and providing key plays that resulted in runs to take charge.


The game had everything you can imagine such as battles in the paint, shooting slug-fests, fancy baskets, and most importantly a comeback making the series worth the while to watch with pleasure.


All aspects of the playoffs have been thrilling with multiple game 7’s and close to tight games that brought out the best in all players involved in representing their respective teams.


To say that the next 4 or more games will not be suspenseful and full of surprises is an underestimate and not for the faint of heart who teams are involved in this series alone.


The commentary throughout the game was thriving with the game-play with the Boston Celtics ultimately coming out on top with the comeback and making most of the away team stigma against the well-experienced Golden State Warriors.


Can not wait to see what else will transpire, one thing can be assured that this is a war to take off.


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