2021 MCU Movies: Spider-Man No Way Home, Black Widow, Shang-Chi…


In the wake of Spider-Man: No Way Home and its huge success, a window of opportunity is opened to talk about the MCU movie releases this year.

There were a range of MCU releases this year, from shows like Wandavision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Hawkeye. And then there were Black Widow, Shang Chi, Eternals… However, since I unfortunately have not seen Eternals that will be left out.

I have been invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the release of the first ever Iron Man in 2008. It is not, however, an investment that has invaded a lot of my brain space. I can only say that it has kept my interest and my connection to most of these characters.

One of them includes Spider-Man.

Pendapatan Spider-Man: No Way Home Pecahkan Rekor | Republika Online
Spider-Man No Way Home.© MARVEL & Sony. 2021.

The thing is that Spider-Man has had previous actors, films and storylines. Or, in No Way Home’s explanation, timeline slash universe. Although we saw a glimpse of the multiverse back in Into The Spiderverse, seeing it through No Way Home was quite the trip.

See, the never-ending saga of ‘who is the better Spider-Man’ is still happening in 2021. No Way Home might be just the finish line to that discourse.

No Way Home is a Marvel movie. And like any other Marvel movie, it has its heroes, its deaths and its fights. I would not say this was the best movie in terms of its writing.

However, in its execution of concept, this movie was magnificent. It also earned its nostalgia points to the people who grew up watching Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man. And invoking tears to the people who loved Andrew Garfield’s.

Overall, this was a great movie and I loved every second of it. Well, except for that second. You know what I mean if you’ve seen it.

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Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.© MARVEL & Sony. 2021.
Black Widow 
Black Widow" tersedia di Disney Plus mulai besok - ANTARA News
Black Widow. © MARVEL. 2021.

To pick up where Captain America: Civil War left off, we got Black Widow. Civil War was roughly five years ago but it’s all good. This was probably the funeral that Marvel owed Natasha after only nodding at her death during Endgame.

Black Widow only tells us of Natasha finding and her other ‘family’, including the beloved Yelena. Again, this is a Marvel movie with its action, humor and heroes. It’s also probably good to see Natasha again after a somewhat tragic death in Endgame.

It reminds us that she is a great person and a great fighter. It was also good to see her in action with another strong woman such as herself. Yelena is said to be carrying Black Widow’s legacy and if anyone can do it, it’s Yelena.

Hawkeye' Begged Marvel To Be Able To Use Yelena Belova In The Show
Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff & Florence Pugh as Yelena. © MARVEL. 2021.
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
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Shang-Chi And The Legend of The Ten Rings. © MARVEL. 2021.

This is probably me being biased but this was probably the best MCU origin film. Okay, fine. Iron Man still has the first place but that’s universal.

Shang-Chi had the right humor, action, and characters. Shang-Chi is perhaps going to be my favorite new hero in Phase 4.

Oh and the soundtrack? Marvelous. This probably goes in the tier with Black Panther in terms of overall movie and soundtrack.

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Meng’er Zhang as Xialing, Simu Liu as Shang-Chi, and Awkwafina as Katy. © MARVEL. 2021.

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