2 Mangas That You Should Read Before 2021 Ends

From 2020 – 2021 it’s been a magnificent year for mangas and animes. One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and many mangas are already entertaining us with the captivated plot and amazing character personalities. We can’t predict what will happen to the main character or what will appear like a hero or villain in the next chapter of the mangas. This is the quality that a manga should have so we, as the reader will not be bored when we read it.

The manga reader has its own taste and tries to explore it by reading uncommon manga but with the same genre. Well, I have 2 recommendations for these uncommon mangas that you should read before 2021 end.

Battle of the Six Realms

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In the world of humanity went underground to survive, En, lived from the decomposed body parts by selling them. In the beginning, he is not interested in participating in the Battle of the Six Realms. One day, he meets a mysterious man and after this meeting, it sets him on a gruesome path. Seems simple but it’s complicated if you already read this manga.

I like this manga because it reminds me of Soul Eater for the modification and Dragon Ball for the relationship between warriors. A contestant must do modifications in his body parts so he or she can participate in the battle. If this manga is going to be converted to anime, it will be fantastic. But, read the manga first. You will feel this manga has the potential for becoming a best-seller in the future.


The Tale of Teapot Hero’s Revenge

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From the title itself, some people may think this manga is another mediocre manga and that does not deserve attention. Wrong, if you ask me. This manga is a ‘brutal’ one. The story about Kyrie is granted powers and some abilities by the gods due to one hero only can exist at the time.

In the beginning, I say this manga is ‘brutal’. You may see some scenes that can be called ‘brutal’. Spill the blood everywhere. If I’m not mistaken, the author has finalized the final chapter for this manga. Bet you’re interested in this manga. Start to read it now!


Well, I think there are more mangas that are worth reading, but I’ve explored it yet until now. I will continue to read The Tale of Teapot Hero’s Revenge in some time. If you have another manga suggestion, don’t be afraid to spill it in the comment section. Manga can be enjoyed by all people around the world and it proves to keep people sane during pandemics.

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