18 Again and What It Means to Be Grateful With What You Have

Happy new year!

In celebration, this article will discuss the 2020 K-Drama, 18 Again

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It seems fitting because the drama has the message of ‘be grateful with what you have’. In the new year, we should all be practicing this.

18 Again aired back in 2020 and is a remake of the infamous 17 Again with Zac Efron. However, this is more than just a remake. 

18 Again stars Yoon Sang Hyun as Hong Dae Young, who had just separated from his high school sweetheart and wife. He also lost his job and doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with his children. 

Hong Dae Young is said to be stuck in the past, constantly living his glory days and wanting to go back there. So he got what he wished for––he turned into his 18-year-old self, played by Lee Do Hyun, but he is living in the present.

It will present the journey of Hong Dae Young as he learns to be grateful for what he has instead of wishing for the unreachable past. He will also learn of his past mistakes and how to fix them as well as learning to become a better husband and father.

Let it go on the record that Lee Do Hyun won the Best New Actor trophy at the 57th Baeksang Awards for his role in 18 Again. That is enough to tell you that he did a great job in this drama and will get you invested.


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18 Again does not only tell the story of Hong Dae Young, but also his wife and children and the life of high school students. This story dwells into the difficulties of life no matter what stage you are in. 

Dae Young’s wife, Jung Da Jung, proves to us that starting a dream career late in life is possible. The Hong children are also independent and strong with their father’s absence but later we will see they are all very vulnerable. 

The show shows the importance of family and friendship and it is very heartwarming. Not everyone has the privilege of a good family and good friends so the show does a great job in telling us to be grateful if the people around us are kind. It also tells us to fight for things first before we simply give up on it. 

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Overall, 18 Again was a good drama that left a very heartwarming impact.  And, the actor lineup is simply amazing. Take a look:

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Yes, that is Hwang In-Yeop and Golden Child’s Bomin. Oh, and did we mention Wi Ha-Joon is there too?

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Start the year right and watch 18 Again now! It is available to watch on Netflix or Viu!

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