10 Facts About Nico Robin of One Piece

Nico Robin is one of the characters in One Piece. She has quite an important role in the series as she is the only person currently alive that can read and decipher Poneglyphs. Today, I made a list of ’10 Facts about Nico Robin’.

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1. Nico Robin has the highest bounty ever since she was a little kid. She has a bounty of 79 million Berry, which makes her the highest initial bounty in Straw Hat Pirates.
2. Robin came from Ohara, an Island that consisted primarily of archaeologists. Robin is the youngest archaeologist being only around 8 years old. Because she is extremely smart, she is considered dangerous by the government.
3. She is the only member of the Straw Hat Pirates that was not invited or recruited by Luffy. She was initially Crocodile’s assistant, but because Luffy has defeated him, Robin had nowhere to go and was ‘saved’ by Luffy. Hence she felt like she was on indebted on Luffy.
4. Currently, Robin is the only person ‘alive’ that can read Poneglyphs. This is also one of the reasons why Robin is considered as a dangerous person by the government.
5. It is confirmed that Robin is Oda’s favorite character in One Piece. The reason being that if he could have her fruit in real life he can draw and end One Piece faster.
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6. The devil fruit that she ate Hana Hana No Mi, gives her the ability to duplicate her body parts wherever she wants to. She can feel the things that her duplicated body part touches. This was  confirmed by Oda himself.
7. Each member of Straw Hat Pirates are known to have their own personal goals & dreams. In her case, she wants to unravel the secrets of the ‘Void Century’.
8. Age 30, she is the third oldest after Franky and Brook. She is also the third tallest member at 6’2” (188 cm).
9. Robin’s initial surnames “Ni” and “Ro” means 2 and 6. This numbers is derived to her birthday which is on February 6. Her mother, Nico Olivia shares the same birthday as her.
10. When Oda was finalizing the characters of One Piece, he had another character in his mind to be Robin. Most of the parts are similar to the current Robin, only that the previous Robin was a man and he likes botany.

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