10 Facts About Hange Zoe That You Might Not Know

Hange is one of the important characters in Attack on Titan. Hange is the one who does experiments on titans and is one of a few characters that solved the mysteries of the Attack on Titan universe. Though, there are a lot of fans who do not know much about Hange. So today, I made a list of ’10 facts about Hange’.

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  1. Hange joined the Scouts before Erwin and Levi because of a certain someone, Keith Sadies. Hange used to have a crush on Keith Sadies.

  2. It is not known where Hange is from. So far, we know where the main characters are from. We even know the origin and the background story of Levi and Erwin. Considering this, it is a little bit weird how the origin of this mad scientist was kept a secret and fans have been dying to know.

  3. Apparently, Hange’s name can be spelled in two ways which are Hange and Hanji.

  4. In the manga, Hange was identified as a female and most fans believe that Hange is indeed a female, however, Isayama has not confirmed anything. As a result, the production company Kodansha removes the gender pronouns of Hange.

  5. Hange’s age is still a mystery. However, Isayama said that Hange is younger than Levi.

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  1. Isayama confirmed that Hange is the scariest person when angry. They have a habit of kicking tables and chairs to take their anger out.

  2. Since Hange is a hard worker, Moblit who was Hange’s assistant was hired to take care of Hange such as reminding her to eat, sleep, and drink.

  3. Hange hates to clean, which is the total opposite of Levi. Hange’s room is a complete mess and that gives Levi a headache.

  4. Considering how we do not know much about them, Hange is one of the popular characters in the anime. They would always be in the top 10 of the Attack on Titan most popular characters.

  5. So far, Hange is the only person to ever smile upon facing a titan. They are also the ones who think of titans as friends.

So these are 10 facts of Hange Zoe. As we can see, there are still a lot of things that we do not know about Hange. I do wish that Isayama would reveal a little bit more information about Hange. However, we can only wait until the secrets to being revealed.

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