10 Facts About Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat


Nattawin Wattanagitipha, nicknamed Apo, is a Thai actor and model who is famous for his role as “Porsche” Pachara Kittisawasd in the Thai drama KinnPorsche: The Series.


Apo currently has 1.5 Million followers on Instagram and 439,2K followers on Twitter. The Thai actor with a killer eye smile and handsome looks will surely make your heart stop beating fast!


Here are some facts about Apo you might have not known about!


1.      He loves nature

In an interview with madan.fun, Apo mentioned that he’s a nature lover; the forest, mountains, the sky you name it.


2.      He’s a cat person

Although Apo has a puppy-like personality with his bright and lively demeanor, Apo is a cat lover and has his own cat!


3.      He loves desserts

Like his sweet personality, Apo loves anything sweet – including sweet cocktails, mocktails, and coffee.


4.      He used to bartend

Similar to his character Porsche in KinnPorsche, Apo himself knows how to bartend and fix cocktails. During bartending scenes in the series, you’re watching his actual legitimate bartending skills!


5.      He went to Thammasat University

Apo went to Thammasat University, which is a public university located in Bangkok, Thailand.


6.      He studied abroad in New York

Apo went to study abroad in New York, which was part of his hiatus.


7.      He worked in a model agency

Before being cast for KinnPorsche, Apo used to work in the same model agency as his co-actor, Mile.


8.       He has another Instagram account

Apo has another Instagram account named @apovision dedicated to his photography!


9.      He loves environmentally friendly products

Apo’s love for nature translates to his love for environmentally friendly products, like the bag that he uses, which is made out of environmentally friendly and recycled materials!


10.   He starred in other Thai dramas before KinnPorsche

Before KinnPorsche, he starred in other Thai dramas such as Pra Teap Rak Hang Jai and Kai Mook Mungkorn Fire

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